miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

First Post

I wanted to start blogging since ever but because of matters of time, school, relationships and just life itself I've been pospoing it, so I decided to buckle up and stop being a procastinator and just get this over with! There were some many questions in my head regarding this blog such as: "When I'm gonna be able to write having such a busy life?", "Should I write in english or in spanish?", " Should I just talk about fashion, throw personal themes, polithics or just talk about things that I find interesting or cool? Well if I cared about this blog as much as I paised I'd had to find a way to make it happen so I decided that even if I didn't had time to sit in front of a computer and write I'll do it on my phone in any free time that I could find (actually this post was written in that way), I also decided that I would write either in english or in spanish depending on how I feel or what I want to talk about, and since this is MY BLOG I will talk about anything I want, from fashion to coking or whatever that I consider interesting and worthy to show it to you, so wellcome to my world, ENJOY :)

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