domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012


I found this lovely rooster fabric and I fell in love, it was intended for kitchen curtains but I didn't care and made this cute dress :P

I pair it with this raffia purse

This is how it turned out

See the full look HERE

The war of the Roses

I know I already made my "must watch Valentine's movies" but then I realized I left so many good movies behind, but like I said in my bio I'm a movie freak, I know lots of movies and I always watch new ones, movies really entertain me, I really get inside the screen and really live what I'm watching, anyways I was bored and zapping trying to find something good to watch and I found "War of the roses", then it hit me, I watched that movie when was like 12 or something like that and I remember it really left a huge impression on me... For those of you who have never heard of the movie (it's a bit old, from 1989) is the story of a couple of husbands (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) who had a beautiful love story but one day got tired of each other and decided to divorce, but the thing is that they want each other to sign the papers and leave the house but neither of them wants to do that so instead of patching things up they get into this vicious fight and try everything to make the other mad, they do dreadful things just to see who "quits" first. There are times when they remember how good things used to be when they were young and in love, so this movies it's not just about love but the awful things that people can do when they get tired of it and how can a perfect relationship can turn into a catastrofic and very painful disaster, it's funny how  the people that we love the most are the ones who know exactly how to crush us, so know I command you to watch it and ask yourself what would you do to your significant other  if you "run out" of love...

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Valentine's day look

Again playing with my b-day presents I put together this look to impress my boyfriend for Valentine's :)

The white dress is a gift from my friend Denis and the necklace it's one o my favorite accesories, it looks like Versace but actually it isn't, and the loafers are one of my recent purchases from the thrift shop, I love them, they're so granny hahaha

See the full look HERE

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's day, in my country is all about celebrating not only love but friendship and certainly I would put my highest bet in the friendship instead of love. I don't like holidays, beside the fact that you can have a day off from school or work I don't understand what's the big deal about them, for me Valentines embraces this:
Valentine's it's a reason to feel bad and get all depressed if you're lonely and all cheesy if you have a date, personaly I'm neither. I HATE ROSES because that's a commom flower, (I love tulips) I hate stuffed animals, the color pink or anything cheesy, I hate the fact that a guy wanna buy your love or get into your pants by just giving you cheap crap! Don't get my wrong I have a boyfriend and I like to spoil him and make sure to proof him that I love him everyday, what I'm trying to say is that like in mother's day you don't need a day a year to tell your mom that you lover her and that you're deeply greatfull for everything that she has done for you, same goes with valentines day, you don't need a "special day" to make your couple happy, so ladies buy sexy laundry and get freaky in bed every once in a while not just today and guys have good gestures, be a gentleman and buy your woman something even if it's really small, don't do it just because is Valentine, so come on get a little creative, sometimes it's not just about the bling, sometimes silly gifts are the best. Sometimes I like to spend Valentine's just sitting at home watching movies.

Here's a list of 10 movies that in my opinion are the greatest love movies ever:

*Forrest Gump: because sometime a man can really love you for who you are no matter how many bad things you have done, and when you're destined to be with somenone no matter what happens you will be.

*50 first dates: because sometimes when love it's true you will try everything to make it work even if your girl can't remember you.

* The Notebook: because everlasting love do exist and some people take very serious their vows: "in health or sickness and till death do us part".

* The time traveler's wife: because time it's not a excuse to stop loving.

 * Valentine's day: because even if you love it or hate it Valentines always finds a way to get the cheesy and soft part out of you.

*Bridget Jones's diary: because even if you think that you're gonna die alone or surrounded by thousands cats Mr. Right always can come out of nowhere to sweep you of your feet.

*Closer: because sometimes love is not enough and we make very serious mistakes and end up hurting others just because we think we're "in love".

*500 days of Summer: because sometime love hurts so much we wanna forget but that devilish bug will always find a way to sting you again.

* Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind: because forgetting is not the solution, embracing is, love goes beyond your desire of forgetting just because you got hurt once.

*Crazy, stupid love: because love does make us do crazy and stupid things but at the end of the day even if you're the meanest person in the world god still holds a soulmate for you.

If you don't like cheesy love movies I also have a list of 5 -horror- movies for you:

* My bloody valentine: a guy that literally wants your heart.

* Fear: don't get fooled by that cute guy that makes you feel butterflies in your stomac and that treats you like a princess because that can just be a disguise for a crazy psychopath.

* Fatal attraction: marrige is sacred and you shouldn't let anybody else in because one steamy night of extramarital sex can put your and your family's life in danger.

* Single white female: sometimes other women envy your love life and literally want to be you and replace you.

* Carrie: people say that teenage love is the purest and strongest, I don't think they have met teenage anger and decive.

* Urban legends: getting you boyfriend kill because of a stupid urban legend can really twist your mind.

Anyways enjoy this Valentines, wether it's with your boyfriend/ girlfriend or lover, having dinner in a fancy restaurant or just all cozy in bed.

Making outfits with my b-day gifts :)

Remember these?

I put together this look with these babies ♥

See the whole outfit HERE


Well I've been sooo busy with school that I didn't even had 5minutes to write noy even from my cellphone, anyways my birthday was on January 28th and I wanna show you what I wore, some of my presents.

I couldn't celebrate my birthday as I would've wanted to because I had my first fitting with the models for my third Runway Show in school, so I didn't party hard or anything, I just went for a couple of cocktails with two close friends! We went to this place called 360 which is a delightfull place in the 19th floor of Altamira Suites, the place is to die for, it has puffs, hamacs and an amazing terrace with a gorgeous view of the city! I have a few photos of that day.

The lovely blonde/redheadish in the green jacket is Alcides, a cute guy that I met in a party a few month ago and whom I started to love very quickly, the divine stylish boy in the black shirt is my soulmate and fashion partner Denis, I'm in love with this guy, we were born to dress and impress together hahaha.

After a couple of drinks it was time for GIFTS :) Denis opened his vault of vintage stuff and gave me two amazing dresses (an oversize black one and a white one kind of like Diana of Wales used to wear) and two 90's shirt with amazing prints, my favorite is the eclesiastic one!

Other presents that I got was a funny agry birds mini wallet, another cute mini wallet (people must know that I LOVEEEE money hahaha), a cute aztec printed shirt and ecologic bag, another ecologic bag with an old comic book print, and a little metal box with a lovely birds drawing! I also gave myself some presents, a peruvian bag, a pair of lovely sparkling shoes and black booties with fringes which I wore on the night of my birthday.

This is a variation of the look that I wore that night, anyways see it HERE) I also wore a metal purse which is one of my biggest treasures, it is made of metal and the filigree are amazing, when I saw it I knew I had to have it, it was a bit expensive but since I'm an only child and a very spoiled daddy's little girl he got it for me 2 years ago!

Well I've been talking for hours, it's time to stop but common I haven't write anything in a week, if I wanted to catch up with you guys (I keep writing like I had thousands of fans when only ONE person follows me) I had to tell you at least most of what happened to me, anyways is time to finish this, I'll try to write more often (even though I'm sooo busy because I'm already facing finals in school :/) so you won't have to read another long post like this one. Have some fun for me, xoxo ;)