martes, 14 de febrero de 2012


Well I've been sooo busy with school that I didn't even had 5minutes to write noy even from my cellphone, anyways my birthday was on January 28th and I wanna show you what I wore, some of my presents.

I couldn't celebrate my birthday as I would've wanted to because I had my first fitting with the models for my third Runway Show in school, so I didn't party hard or anything, I just went for a couple of cocktails with two close friends! We went to this place called 360 which is a delightfull place in the 19th floor of Altamira Suites, the place is to die for, it has puffs, hamacs and an amazing terrace with a gorgeous view of the city! I have a few photos of that day.

The lovely blonde/redheadish in the green jacket is Alcides, a cute guy that I met in a party a few month ago and whom I started to love very quickly, the divine stylish boy in the black shirt is my soulmate and fashion partner Denis, I'm in love with this guy, we were born to dress and impress together hahaha.

After a couple of drinks it was time for GIFTS :) Denis opened his vault of vintage stuff and gave me two amazing dresses (an oversize black one and a white one kind of like Diana of Wales used to wear) and two 90's shirt with amazing prints, my favorite is the eclesiastic one!

Other presents that I got was a funny agry birds mini wallet, another cute mini wallet (people must know that I LOVEEEE money hahaha), a cute aztec printed shirt and ecologic bag, another ecologic bag with an old comic book print, and a little metal box with a lovely birds drawing! I also gave myself some presents, a peruvian bag, a pair of lovely sparkling shoes and black booties with fringes which I wore on the night of my birthday.

This is a variation of the look that I wore that night, anyways see it HERE) I also wore a metal purse which is one of my biggest treasures, it is made of metal and the filigree are amazing, when I saw it I knew I had to have it, it was a bit expensive but since I'm an only child and a very spoiled daddy's little girl he got it for me 2 years ago!

Well I've been talking for hours, it's time to stop but common I haven't write anything in a week, if I wanted to catch up with you guys (I keep writing like I had thousands of fans when only ONE person follows me) I had to tell you at least most of what happened to me, anyways is time to finish this, I'll try to write more often (even though I'm sooo busy because I'm already facing finals in school :/) so you won't have to read another long post like this one. Have some fun for me, xoxo ;)

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