domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

The war of the Roses

I know I already made my "must watch Valentine's movies" but then I realized I left so many good movies behind, but like I said in my bio I'm a movie freak, I know lots of movies and I always watch new ones, movies really entertain me, I really get inside the screen and really live what I'm watching, anyways I was bored and zapping trying to find something good to watch and I found "War of the roses", then it hit me, I watched that movie when was like 12 or something like that and I remember it really left a huge impression on me... For those of you who have never heard of the movie (it's a bit old, from 1989) is the story of a couple of husbands (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner) who had a beautiful love story but one day got tired of each other and decided to divorce, but the thing is that they want each other to sign the papers and leave the house but neither of them wants to do that so instead of patching things up they get into this vicious fight and try everything to make the other mad, they do dreadful things just to see who "quits" first. There are times when they remember how good things used to be when they were young and in love, so this movies it's not just about love but the awful things that people can do when they get tired of it and how can a perfect relationship can turn into a catastrofic and very painful disaster, it's funny how  the people that we love the most are the ones who know exactly how to crush us, so know I command you to watch it and ask yourself what would you do to your significant other  if you "run out" of love...

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