sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Dog days are over

So FINALLY I got my degree, I'm officially  a Fashion designer :') I almost can't believe it, it's a dream come true. But I was so tired of studying an school that I just wanted to get my degree and LEAVE, go to my house and sleep for ages to make up for all those days that I stayed up doing homework or sewing, so I wasn't particulary excited to pick an amazing outfit for the occasion, so I just dressed simple but cute.

I paired that lovely tropical printed skirt with a shirt and a pair of leather booties, my vintage Chanel and that was it. But everybody was making fun of me because with my robe on I looked like a nun hahaha.

See full look HERE

The title of this post in a direct reference to Florence's song so I wanted to make a Top 3 of song that summed up my college life.

Dog days are over - Florence + The Machine

Because FINALLY I'm free, I don't have to do more homework or worry about finals or money or anything related with studying :)

Good morning - Kanye West

Because this is the end of this road and I'm happy about it, even though I wasn't the best student or had the best grades. Plus I LOVE this song and video, Takashi Murakami it's such an inspiration ♥

I love college - Asher Roth

Because I would be lying if I said "all I did in college was studying", I also partied, met amazing people, fell in love, get my heart broken, but above all I grew up and HAD AN AMAZING TIME!

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  1. Ea ea! Felicidades diseñadora! :D me imagino esa camisa con la toga encima y me da risa xD y amo demasiado la falda y tus anillos!!

    Sabrilett's Armoire

    1. Gracias ♥ Con esa camisa y la toga encima parecía la propia monja, jajaja, todo el día me estuvieron jodiendo con eso!

  2. Felicidades guapa!! Tenemos la misma falda!

    xoxo lorena


  3. Felicidades Lindura!! me encanta esta la falda, adorable <333


  4. Felicidadesss!!
    esa falda me encantooo