sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

Happy b-day Mr. Haring ♥

Keith haring is one of my favorite artists so I was super excited when I saw that Google made a doodle in his honor.

Yesterday (may 4th) was Keith birthday, he would have turned 54 years old if he were alive, he died in 1990 of AIDS. He was not only one of the great grafitti artists of all time but also a character himself, he had strong beliefs that were reflected on his art, he included everything that he consider should be showed to the world and he did it in such radiant and happily way. For me his drawings capture the essense of how bubbly and enjoyable life can be and how the world can be an eternal colorful party. He was an activist and he never stopped fighting for people with AIDS just like him, he created a foundation and spread the message over the world. Keith is such and inspiration for me and I'm sure he is also for many other around the world, so that why in his honor I wore my tee with a potpurri of some of his work.

I put on a leather skirt, my lovely tee, a jean oversize shirt and my Prada creepers look alike

(A few months ago I made a look inspired by Keith, you can see it HERE)


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