jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Keeping up with this bitch

I know that I've been away lately but my life has turn around so abruptly and fast that I didn't even had the chance to keep up with it, I had to move from my old residence because the owner of the apartment need it my room, so I found this room in a great building in a great area, the owner of the apartment was a lovely woman who I thought would become one of my dearest friend, but it turnd out that this woman was C-R-A-Z-Y, she texted my at night from HER PHONE pretending to be a man and threatened me, I was so scared that I call my mom and asked her to get me out of there IMMEDIATELY. So after less the 2 month I had to move in again!

Thank god I found a new place, with a mature woman (I think she's 50 years old) and her 30 year old son, she seems to be a nice person and above all mentally stable, anyways I've been so busy with school and my thesis, I'm so scared in less than 2 weeks I have to go in front of a jury and defend my subject.

Anyways, here I am and I came here to tell you what happened this past months, in my life and in my Lookbook, enjoy ;)

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