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I'm LOVE Ryan Gosling, that kid it's a dream come true, I wish he was mine, DAMN YOU EVA MENDES :( Anyways, this post isn't about my deranged and devoted love to Ryan, it's about his movie Drive and how much I like it. Even though it premier in USA on September 16th of 2011, here in my country it was released on 15th OF JUNE OF 2012, I know, we're sooo far back, so third world!
Cool (fan art) Drive posters.

So I really wanted to make an outfit inspired by the movie, but since Ryan's character it's so mysterious and so withdrawn his wardrobe really reflects that, he dress pretty simple, his outfits consist of just plain T-shirts and jeans. But the icing on the cake it's a bad ass jacket with a scopion on the back, he wears it every time he's driving. I found out that the brand of the jacket is Steady Clothing (if you have 159$ you can get it HERE or you can get the exact replica for 149$ HERE).
I found this Scorpion image while I was looking for Ryan's jacket, it cracked me up hahaha.

So based solely in the jacket I made my dress. I bought a grey kind of shiny fabric (just as Ryan's jacket), made the dress and later hand painted the scorpion and the pink letters from the poster.

I know it's a simple dress but as I said before Ryan's character has a simple way of dressing. I paired my dress with a black leather studded belt, black stocking and black leather combat boots. To make it more theatrical I put on a black leather fingerless gloves, held a hammer and chew on a toothpick to look more like Ryan in the film.
See full look HERE

The other DIY in this look it's the car ring, base on a DIY that I saw in THIS blog. I tought that it was a cool DIY and also went along with the whole theme of this look, so I bought a Hot Weels car and glue it to a ring blank and that was it. 

 DIY car rings

Even though Ryan's car it's a '73 Chevy Chevelle I chose a '67 Dodge Charger  because I really like that car (I'm a muscle car freak, I owe that to my daddy who taught me A LOT about cars) and beside the color of the car was perfect for the look.

 Drive poster (where you can see the back of the Chevy Chevelle).

  A scene from the movie where you can see Ryan driving the Chevelle.

What I loved about the movie is that it's violent rather than action packed and the way it manages to be retro and completely up to date at the same time. Also it has an amazing 80's new wave inspired soundtrack (you can see the complete tracklist HERE) Here's my Top 3 (sorry, I couldn't pick just one, but actually it was difficult already just trying to pick a favorite)

 College Feat. Electric Youth - A Real Hero

Nightcall - Kavinsky Feat. Lovefoxxx

Under your spell - Desire

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