lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

If I were a boy

I always wanted to be a boy! Don't get my wrong I don't have gender issues but I've always wonder how would I be if I were I boy, I know this sounds like a Beyoncé song but I have to admit I always feel attracted to the idea of having a dick and pick up chicks and stuff like that haha, but actually I'm pretty sure that if I were a boy I'd be queer as Elton John. Beside if I were gay I would be really busy having affairs with everyone, ALL my friends are gay, I only have ONE straight friend hahaha. Anyways I decided to make and outfit that I would wear if I were a boy.
(Since I can remember) I always wanted a little "cowboy" tie such as this one, so when I saw it on the Thrift Shop I almost rip it out of the seller's hands hahaha.

 I'm in love of this brown suede oxfords, I got them at such a good price, I know they look a bit manly but I still like them a lot!.

See full look HERE

Honestly if I really really were a boy I would wear clothes louder than this, I would be super fierce like Bryan Boy, an avant-garde fashionista like Andre Judd or perhaps a dandy cutey like Brad Goreski.

 Bryan Boy

 Andre Judd

 Brad Goreski

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